Don’t Buy Batteries Until You Watch this Short Video!

Don’t Buy Batteries Until You Watch this Short Video!

I recently ran across this great product idea and decided to share it on all our websites!

A few months back, I had the dis-pleasure of having to buy a laptop battery. I was ‘shocked’ by how much that little , thin battery cost me ! More recently, I replaced a trolling motor battery in my boat. Once again, $100 out of my pocket and I really needed to replace ‘both’ but frankly decided to get by with replacing the one and ‘waiting’ to replace the other. I’m glad I did. Last week, while working online, I ran across a little known secret.

A way to renew your batteries, any type of battery, to 100% like new condition using only a couple things I had in the kitchen and garage.


Not only did I save almost a $100 bill, but the renewed battery actually seems to last longer than the brand new one!

Watch this short video if you want to save big on your battery costs every year! Like my Facebook pages if it works for you is all I ask!


November 7th., 2015

Published by Randy

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