Catching the Guadalupe Bass

The Guadalupe Bass is a very rare species of fish that can be found in Texas, USA, where it is in fact the official state fish. It can only be found in restricted creeks and rivers, and here we include the Guadalupe River (from where the fish got its name). It was listed as vulnerable but the IUCN considers the data insufficient at the moment in order to determine in status. Nowadays, many of the fly fishermen and anglers use the catch & release technique in order to improve the Guadalupe bass fish populations. Some make the mistake of confusing it with the smallmouth bass. With the help of this article we will try to offer a few information regarding how to catch it but we do not encourage eating the fish, we advise you to use the catch & release technique so that the fish will not become extinct in the future.

The Guadalupe bass is fished liked the smallmouth and the most valuable tip for both is to change the live bait for several times. The very best idea is to get a bass hook and afterwards install a big and juicy worm that will attract the attention of the Guadalupe. We recommend that you let it dangle off the hook rather than wrapping it too tightly around the hook because in this way, the probability that the fish will see it is increased.

An alternative to this is to cast the hook at the edge of the shore or just over the top of a shoal and afterwards, let the worm on the hook slowly sink. After you sunk it down a few feet, you will need to carefully pull it towards you about approximately 1 ft but make sure that you pull it very slowly and gently at the same time. The most efficient lure for the Guadalupe bass, just like the smallmouth bass, is considered to be the crankbait. A small one will swim in the near vicinity of the river’s bottom and this type of crankbait should be used for the Guadalupe.

It is advisable to use various types of baits in order to see how they “feel” on the end of the line. For different anglers, different baits, it is a golden rule of bass fishing, the Guadalupe is not an exception to this rule. Some use soft baits, some use spinners, and while other use streamers, determine which one is the most suitable for your fishing techniques. In order to aid an angler to obtain a better feel for the bass fish, try using a very light combination of a rod and reel.

The Guadalupe is quite aggressive, similar to other types of bass, which is why you will only need to wait for a second in order to set the hook. We recommend that you observe the line and let it flow downstream for as long as you can. In most cases, anglers “get” the bite at the last part of the casting technique. Have fun searching and fishing for the Guadalupe bass, but remember, try using the catch & release technique as it is a very precious type of bass.

Source by Adrian Padeanu

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