California Bass Fishing – Where You’ll Find What You Want Most

California bass fishing? Are you sure this is possible? It is, actually. While most often bass fishing is considered something that only is found in the southern most states of the country, bass fishing most definitely can be found throughout California. In order to find bass in the California region, spend some time considering what time of the year to fish here. It is known that bass fishing happens throughout the country during specific times of the year. In California, you will find some ideal locations to fish just about any time of the year, selectively.

In addition, keep in mind that some of the best California bass fishing is fishing that is done on foot. While this is not the type of fishing for every angler, many find it to be the best of the best in challenges if you are up for them. Consider some locations that make for the best fishing trips you will have for bass in California.

A Wading Fishing Trip

There are several benefits to striking out on a wading fishing trip in California. First, there is no cost to renting a boat here, as you will not need it at all. No fuel costs associated with this type of fishing can be found either. While you may want to consider hiring a guide to fish with you, it is nearly always unnecessary. In fact, many first time bass anglers will have no problem wading through the rivers looking for the right location for their expedition. These are great trips for those that want to get away from everyone, because you can easily take nothing more than your tackle box with you on this journey and enjoy it.

On a side note, do realize that smallmouth found in California will make you work for them, so do not over pack your tackle box or bring too much gear with you. Between wading in the water and fighting the fish, you will want to stay as light as possible. You may want to consider wading boots, but it may be even more beneficial to consider using a pair of chest waders instead. You can go deeper and stay dry doing it. Many of the areas that you will find bass in California will require you to head through difficult brush. Therefore, these protective elements can be very helpful on your journey.

If you like wet wading, go for it. There are several locations this will work well in, mainly because it is easy to keep warm. Many of the temperatures throughout the area will remain high throughout the year. Waters will stay at 70 degrees and air temperature at about 75 degrees or higher throughout the year. The best times for wet wading are of course the warmer months of late spring through late fall. Southern California bass fishing is often a better choice in this case.

Even if you do plan to make it a spontaneous summer trip, do not underestimate your need for proper clothing and boots, because underwater brush can be painful! Look for lightweight clothing that dries quickly and boots that will protect your feet and up your legs. Avoid wearing jeans, sandals or shorts on your trip.

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