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Big Bass don’t come easy. There have been many instances where vacationing anglers fishing for fun have hooked into big brutes. They say it was luck or by accident, but I say they happen to be at the right place at the right time. Speaking of right place, that is key to big Bass success in my opinion. An angler that searches above and beyond will be rewarded with good size hawgs. As far as timing goes, well, let’s just say it’s an art.

“To boldly go where no angler will go” spells success in an anglers day, but using our Bass instincts, learned over the years helps us know where to go and when. I have a perfect example of such an incident. I happen to be vacationing in an Ontario northern lake that I love fishing. This particular day happened to be a tournament day on the lake and it had me wondering whether to continue the day fishing or just hang out with the family at the cottage. Of course, fishing prevailed and off I went. As I approached a bay I noticed not two, not three, but four Bass boats all in single file fishing the same docks. Being a tournament angler with etiquette I took my place in line. I couldn’t pass this place up, it looked fantastic. The very first dock I came across had a lily bed mixed with submerged weed growth and good depth. It looked so good my heart was pounding with excitement. The first cast caused such a stir in this nice quiet bay that I actually felt a little uneasy, but when I boated this beautiful five pound plus Largemouth there wasn’t an ounce of uneasiness left!

The spot had big Bass written all over it and the only reason the five plus Hawg was on the end of my line is because I was the only one skipping under and deep into the heart of the dock. In my experience I have found that the lunkers are not at the threshold of docks, but rather the heart of them. So if an angler incorporates these types of tactics into his or her daily fishing routine they can’t help but hook into good size fish. If a big Bass sees virtually any bait falling naturally in front of its face, in its safe zone, it will strike. I am willing to bet that this particular Largemouth didn’t see a single bait from the past four boats or it wouldn’t be in my photo album.

A big Bass is a smart Bass. They know the difference between natural and unnatural. Getting our baits to perform with natural traits in the water and getting it to their safe zone will prompt their mouths to open wide! On your next outing look beyond your run of the mill Bass structure and get that bait deep in front of its nose. I will tell you that the rewards for such bravery will far surpass the time spent probing. If you feel your Bass senses ‘tingling’ chances are the big Bass is there. It will test your skills and accuracy because six feet into and under the dock lies a big fat Bass waiting to see how brave we really are!

Source by Nic Di Gravio

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