Being a beginner at bass fishing can be a struggle. What are the best bass fishing lures for beginners that will always catch fish no matter the conditions? As you learn about bass fishing and get past your beginner level, the amount of information you are going to be hit with can be very confusing. So many lure options, colors, techniques, conditions etc. This video will introduce you to 3 bass fishing lures that are a must have for beginners and you will never get rid of them. They will help you grow as a fisherman and also help you understand exactly how bass react to there food source.
TOP RECOMMENDED LURES FOR BEGINNERS (*Will all work well with rod/reel mentioned in video)

Strike King spinnerbait
Strike King spinnerbait #2
BooYah spinnerbait
BooYah spinnerbait #2
BooYah spinnerbait #3

6th Sense Squarebill Crankbait
Strike King squarebill

Heddon Torpedo
Rebel Pop-R

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