Bass Fishing Tips and Secrets – Where to Find Largemouth Bass

Being able to find fish is among the most important of the bass fishing tips and secrets. You can have the best rod and tackle in the world, but if you can’t find the fish then all that is useless! If you are fishing in a lake or a pond, there are a few things to look for if you want to find Largemouth hot spots.

Largemouth bass are predators. This means they need a few things to get them by. They need cover, the right water temperature, and they need prey.

Bass need cover so they can hide and then ambush their prey. Examples of cover would include fallen trees or other plant matter in the water, lily pads, or drop offs. Bass will often wait in their cover until they spot their prey. They will then strike suddenly.

The water temperature for Largemouth bass will vary from region to region, but they typically prefer warmer water. Because of this, they will be found in more shallow areas of the lake or pond.

If you are in a body of water that is known to contain bass, but you cannot find a spot that looks like a hot spot, try fan casting. This is a technique where you cast from right to left to cover a large area. After a couple of rounds of fan casting, you should have a pretty good idea of whether or not you are in a good spot for bass fishing.

Finding the fish is the most important of the bass fishing tips and secrets. After that, your time on the water will be productive and fun!

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