Bass Fishing : How to Catch Bass

In order to catch bass while fishing, make a swift cast, keep the rod tip down in the water and do a sweep set after getting a bite. Find out how to stop the line and let it float alternatively when reeling in a bass with help from a professional bass fisherman in this free video on fishing for bass.

Expert: Ron Colby
Bio: Ron Colby is a professional bass fisherman, has qualified for the Bass Master Classic and has won two B.A.S.S. Western Divisionals.
Filmmaker: Mike Phillips


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  2. I know right I watched this on the basis that I made a bet with a really hot girl who knows how to bass fish and who ever looses is skinny dipping. I needed this guy and he let me down, how the hell am I going to win my bet and I've never been fishing before!

  3. My sentiments exactly. If your going to show how to do something, at least do it yourself. Not trying to be a jerk, but really, you should have caught a bass while demonstrating this technique. 

  4. Thank you for the informative video. I deployed the Carolina rigged senko at my local pond and caught my first largemouth. Screw the haters they are hating cause the boat you are using for fun cost more than their homes on wheels.

  5. I use worms You idiot its the best for some small mouth bass i liked it because i love fishing but ya and i only learned one thing the begining the side thing when you get a bite

  6. Good solid advice for fishermen (persons) of all ages. Thank you for making these videos, they are helpful. Ignore the children, there are a lot of us that do appreciate what you are doing.

  7. Not to be a jerk, but Lunker awards are allot different than tournaments. You most likely would have starved like most others like me for a while. You need an education in fish biology (by college or experience) and have to fish across the country, not just georgia. So dont feel bad

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