Bass fishing a local creek channel. Using hollow body frogs. 8/8/13




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25 replies on “Bass Fishing- Frogs at New Waters for Largemouth (2013)”

  1. Most bass that I’ve caught in small creeks like that here in Cali all have
    small mouths. Not sure why, but it’s even the case here in San Diego, where
    there are no Spots or Smallmouth to hybridize with.

  2. Hey Kevin, love this video, especially the green/sienna koppers, such a
    cool frog. I’m from Wisconsin and those bass you are catching are northern
    strain largemouth, as where as far as I know you have Florida strain
    largies in Cali. Those largemouth bass look just like the ones I’ve caught
    in wisco. 

  3. great video!! my kind of place to fish to a tee. And where i live in
    central ontario i have a pond with hybrid looking bass in it like that one,
    i was pretty confused when i first pulled it out and looked at it

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