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Over the last decade we have been witnesses of how Mexico has grown as a country with great bass fishing trip destinations. One of them is lake Agua Milpa, one of the most popular lakes in the country of the Aztecs that is now ready to welcome visitors from around the World. In this article, you will learn a little more about it!

Agua Milpa is located just 3 hours away from highly popular Mexican destinations such as Guadalajara and Puerto Vallarta. It rests surrounded by a beautiful scenery comprised of many green mountains and relaxing nature. You have to be there to breathe the pure air and wake up every morning feeling refreshed.

Agua Milpa is one of the most accessible lakes in Mexico, with a total area of 97,000 when it is at full pool. Anglers were able to experience this lake in 1997, when it was opened for fishing. Fishing season in this lake starts in September and ends in June. Given the popularity of the lake, at the peak of the season it is hard to find accommodations if you make plans at the last minute. This lake is also rich in big largemouth bass, but be warned, fish in Mexico are very aggressive so any equipment won’t do. You have to buy strong equipment that will handle the struggle with the bass.

You can choose to stay in a lodge located next to the lake, conveniently called “Lodge Agua Milpa”. Like other lodges around the West Coast of Mexico, it has been built to give tourists the best of the lake. You can find different packages on Mexico bass fishing trip agencies on the Web, and also packages from the lodge itself. The only bad point you can find about this lake is that it may not be too fun for people who don’t love bass fishing, given the small amount of extra activities.

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