Bass Fishing from the bank at the state park. left the boat at home . This is how I did it as a kid. it was as fun as I remember it.




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11 replies on “Bass Fishing At The State Park , Lake Corpus Christi.”

  1. Weather still aint helping much, but its getting about that time. Have you done any fishing near Webers spot? I have a place right by there and would appreciate any advice u have for the spot. I mostly hit catfish but would like some bass in the mix.

  2. Good video, I will be going to Orange Grove this weekend and I will be hitting that lake/park on Sunday. I hope to catch a dink or two. Its a nice park to enjoy the day.

  3. Nice vid. Live close by the park as well and have tried over and over to bass fish off the banks but never had any luck. Looks like I'm going to have to try again. I get snagged a lot there too which makes me hesitant on using a lot of different lures.

  4. just started watching your videos. I'm a fan. I live about 30 minutes from the state park and fish there as often as I can. really been wanting to go and try my luck with bass, if you don't mind me asking where's this spot at?

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