Bass Fishing a DRAINED LAKE – Rodman Reservoir – SMC Episode 12:13

Exposed Trees and Lake Bottom for miles makes this one of the most interesting places I have ever bass fished. Glenn Browne and I will show you how to approach a lake or river that is in a drought or draw down. Rodman Reservoir is one the top producing lakes in Florida for giant bass. The State has drawn the water down 16′ feet help dry up the bottom witch has made this an awesome place to fishing if you don’t tear up your boat.


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  1. I live really close to rodman in Crescent city the bass capital! love seeing this videos caught my first bass ever thanks to your tips the other day! would kill for a chance to fish with you man

  2. Hey Scott! I was wondering what your take is on using either straight braid or a braid to floro leader for spinning reels. I'm new to the finesse game and I can't decide if I should just go with straight braid or throw a leader on it. Thanks!

  3. for the guys that dont have a boat and live around Florida and want to fish lake rodman when they drop it you can actually walk around a huge portion of the lake due to the the water dropping it creates a sand beach around it and you can catch big bass I have a couple on my channel

  4. Man awesome video dude. I really enjoy watched all the videos. I'm in Louisiana and mainly stay on Caddo lake. Caddo has been good been slanting there eyes with the Ole TROKAR. What's a key time of year to make a trip to South Florida to Okeechobee??

  5. Awesome video dude really enjoy watching all them. I'm in Louisiana and mainly on Caddo lake and it's been good lately. What's a key time of year to make a trip to South Florida to Okeechobee?

  6. Glen lau is the man!! had the pleasure of giving him a 7 lber for his latest video.. It was caught on the last shiner of the day, which he so kindly provided.

  7. Hey Scott Martin, tried using your code to sign up and get that discount on LTB but it didn't show any discount. Is it supposed to show a discount or does it just get discounted?

  8. Glenn Brown is a true professional! One of my favorite pros on the circuit! I really enjoyed the respect you showed him Scott, when he started explaining to you how to fish the square bill! We all know you know how to fish the square bill however you where glued to Glen's directions like you never herd of a crank bait before! outstanding job!!??! Will say one thing, if you was gona lose a SMC, no classier or more humble gentlemen to lose to!!

  9. Hey Scott, I am not one to start trouble on comments but, I have noticed on several videos that you or your partner doesn't wear a life jacket. In 1993 I lost a brother due to a freak boating accident where the lower unit hooked a ski rope underneath the surface and caused the boat to take a hard left turn. It threw both of my brothers out of the boat and by the grace of GOD, only one brother died. If I can make one plea, please be an advocate of safe boating. I only believe in using them when you are on plane and I know you are required to wear one in tournaments. Please make it a point to be safe every time you are running. Thanks for your time.

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