Bass Catching Strategies

You Must first recognize the different feeding types bass have in order to catch the big one. The different methods of feeding are categorized into three types.

The first is know as ram feeding. This is where the predator moves towards its prey with overwhelming force and strikes. The second, suction feeding, is where the predator strikes while opening and expanding their mouth to suck in their prey along with the water. Last, known as biting, is where the predator grabs a piece of the prey and chews it away.

A bass may strike for many reasons. The most important is hunger. So while fishing for bass you need to choose the perfect lure. Color is a major factor to choosing a lure. A bass tends to act more aggressively to bright shades of color. It also helps you to see if the bass is going to strike, twitch it or swim it in rapidly to see how the bass reacts.

Another lure to consider is crankbaits. Mainly used for shallow water bass, is the short lipped or lippless crankbait, which are designed to dive between one and three feet deep. The tip of the crankbait is also taken into consideration for the kind of water you are fishing in. The lip helps to guard your lure from rocks, roots, branches, etc.

Spinnerbaits have a major effect to catching bass, too. Spinnerbaits are normally used in highly weeded areas. You would use a spinnerbait with willow leaf blades to shed the weeds.

Water temperatures are also to be considered in order for bass to strike. Depending on the temperature you are going to use a different retrieval mode when reeling lures in. If you have warmer water temps you may need a slower retrieval with long pauses.

While fishing for bass always keep in mind to cast by large beds of grass, logs, and rocks. These places make perfect bedding. Anytime between late summer to early fall you can face the “big one” you have always dreamed about catching. Just remember anything can happen when fishing.

Source by Charles Hoffman

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