Bass Fishing Tips, For Beginners, Videos, Lures, techniques, rigs , Setup, Reels, Rods, and more! Folks today, Jimmy and I catch some nice Bass as well as talk … source

Best Fishing Video | Hook Fishing | Hunting Fish in Village

Best Fishing Video | Hook Fishing | Hunting Fish in Village Please share this video and Subscribe to my channel **Subscribe= Follow me … source

FISHING TOURNAMENT WIN!! Flipping Under Boats for BIG BASS!!

WE WON a Fishing Tournament flipping under boat docks for GIANT Bass! If you like tournament fishing SUBSCRIBE ▻ More Tournament … source

Fishing BIG Worms for GIANT Bass (Bank Fishing)

In this bass fishing video we go fishing with big worms for giant bass while bank fishing! It’s been a while since i’ve gone fishing with big worms. One of the best … source

FLIPPING WOOD for CLUTCH Tournament Catch (bass fishing)

Post spawn bass mean tough bites, but flipping wood can result in big bass! This tournament was a tough one, but we were able to land a couple good bass, … source

Catching Bass on Beds

This video was delayed a couple months, but I finally got around to post it. Good footage of catching early spring bedfish. Buy a Lucky Tackle Box for $5 Off!: … source

Live Minnows Catch Tons of Smallmouth Bass!

Played hooky from work to do some late fall fishing! I was on the mission for some walleyes, didn’t catch any toothy critters but put a hurting on some Smallmouth … source

How to Catch Early-Season Muskies on Swim Jigs! + Ice-Out Largemouth Bass!!

This episode is all about how to catch fish during those first few weeks of the open-water season, right when the ice leaves the lakes! In the opening segment … source

Why do Bass Boats Fish at Pressured Parks? Beginner Bass Fishing Tips

I often wonder why Bass Boats fish at pressured public parks. Here are some beginner bass fishing tips about why it might be hard for you to catch a bass from … source

Smallmouth Bass Postspawn Deadsticking Finesse

As smallmouth spawning draws to a close, slow retrieves with long pauses tempt reluctant bass into biting. Softbaits excel under these conditions. source

EPIC 💯BASS CHALLENGE! | Lake Michigan Smallmouth Fishing

In part two we are attempting to catch 100 smallmouth bass in one day. We figure out that the drop shot is the best fishing technique and discover what large … source

Catching Pre Spawn Largemouth Bass in the Rain

A tough day on the water beats a good day at work, unless your job is fishing… In this video, we’re fishing for pre-spawn Largemouth Bass in Central Florida … source

How to Fish Spinnerbaits – Bass Fishing Tips & Tricks

Learn how to make spinnerbaits, then use them to catch bass in this fishing tips & tricks video. You can learn more at source

World's LARGEST Rat Lure Catches GIANT Bass (Lake Fishing)

In this bass fishing video we go lake fishing for giant bass with huge rats! This is the first time i’ve ever been fishing with a rat. We caught some giant bass while … source

Searching for GIANT Bass in Backwater Creeks (River Fishing)

In this bass fishing video we go searching for giant bass while river fishing backwater creeks! I’m so excited to drop another river fishing video. Do you like the … source

This SMALL Creek is LOADED w/ Bass! (River Fishing)

In this bass fishing video we go river fishing in a small creek thats loaded with bass! We’re back with the river fishing videos! Have you ever been river fishing? source

Bassmaster LIVE at Grand Lake 2018 – Sunday

Bassmaster Elite Series visited Grand Lake on April 26-29, 2018. source

Spring Bank Fishing: Catching BIG Bass From The Bank!

Don’t let the lack of a boat prevent angling success this spring. There are lots of quality bank fishing opportunities in almost every part of the country. Places like … source

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