Most Underrated WINTER Fishing Technique (Smallmouth Bass)

Fishing for Smallmouth Bass in the middle of the Winter with two of my good friends, Whitney and Red Fox. Smallmouth bass love the cold weather during the … source

Fishing in the Dead of Winter — Mississippi River Smallmouth

Buy that Rigged Backpack — My Fishing Gear… Rod — Reel — Line — post when I get home Lure … source

How to Fish a Jig for Bass by 1Rod1ReelFishing

Click here to watch me catch a 5.5 bass on a jig! Be Sure to SUBSCRIBE for New Videos Every Week!!! source

Underwater Spinner Bait with Tips – Bass Fishing Tips and Techniques

These are some old school bass fishing lures that still work really well. There are a few different ways you can work these baits that you may not even know … source

Kingfish, Cobia and Snappers – Offshore Fishing in Florida – 4K

I went offshore fishing in Cape Canaveral for Kingfish, Cobia and Red Snappers with Capt. Scott Lum and Corey Pagano from Tackle Crafters. We started the … source

This TINY Canal is LOADED w/ Bass (Fishing for River Monsters Ep.3)

In this bass fishing video we go river fishing some tiny canals that are loaded with bass. River fishing tiny canals is so much fun especially if you know where the … source

Fishing in TINY Boat for GIANT Bass (Jon Boat Lake Fishing)

In this bass fishing video we go fishing in a tiny jon boat for giant bass while lake fishing. This is one of my first ever jon boat bass fishing videos on the channel! source

Bass Fishing Tournament Preparations With Mike Iaconelli

Mike Iaconelli breaks down the steps that he takes to get ready for fishing tournaments through out the year. Each lake is different and a pro like Mike knows … source

How To Catch Bass With Plastic Worms **Incredible Underwater Footage**

Fishing with worms is easy! Use the tricks we show in this video and you’re sure to catch more fish this year! Come underwater and watch how the bass react to … source

Finding Boulders To Catch Smallmouth Bass

We all know that structure in the water is a hot spot for fish activity. Locating that structure is the first challenge, but before casting, position yourself in the best … source

How to catch more large-mouth bass this winter

I break down my top 3 baits used to catch fish in the winter and technequies on how to use them. It was a tough day fishing with no wind, after 4 days of hard rain, … source

NONSTOP Winter Smallmouth Fishing

It was a “warm” February day, so I decided to break out the fishing rods for a little mid-winter Smallmouth action! SUBSCRIBE for more awesome bass fishing … source

2 Casting Methods to Become a Better Shallow Bass Angler

One of the fastest ways to become a better shallow water bass fisherman is through mastery of casting mechanics. Jacob Wheeler gave Wired2Fish an excellent … source

BEST Lures to Catch Bass in the Winter – Bass Fishing Tips

How is it going Flair Fishing Fam?! So today I decided to bring back an old AFO tradition and put out a tips video. I have stepped away from these how-to videos … source

HOW Does A Bass Eat A Crawfish?? | Live Crawfish GoPro Footage (Vol. 2)

To answer that question: Of course they do! But WHY do they and HOW do they eat these tasty crustaceans? In this video, I show you how bass react to LIVE … source


Went to the upper Ocoee river at the whitewater center to search for some fish. ended up catching several smallmouth bass and had a great time enjoying the … source

BEST Winter Smallmouth Baits (Cold Water Bass Fishing)

Winter fishing in ultra cold water can be one of the best times of year to catch GIANT Smallmouth! These are the BEST baits that I’ve found to catch winter time … source

How to Properly Catch and Release a Bass by 1Rod1ReelFishing

Shoutout to the dink who volunteered to be featured in this video xD Be Sure to SUBSCRIBE for New Videos Every Week!!! Additional tips … source

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