This SMALL Canal is LOADED w/ Bass (Spillway Fishing)

In this bass fishing video we go canal fishing and we find a hidden spillway that is loaded with bass! I’ve really enjoyed canal fishing recently so i wanted to go … source

2019 Bassmaster Elite at Lake Fork

The Bassmaster Elite Series headed to Texas for the 2019 Toyota Bassmaster Texas Fest benefiting Texas Parks and Wildlife at Lake Fork. Two Bassmaster … source

Catching HUGE Bass on Buzzbaits

Keith Combs has a run and gun power fishing style that has made him very successful in professional bass fishing. But he also likes to keep things very simple … source

Georgian Bay SMALLMOUTH FISHING w/ a SURPRISE CATCH!! (Ontario, Canada)

Check out our Instagram: SUBSCRIBE FOR MORE! A montage of fishing videos from a week of bass/pike/(you’ll see) … source

TRY THIS to Catch 10X MORE Bass this Spring!!! (Bass Fishing Tips)

In today’s video I share everything you need to know to catch substantially MORE and BIGGER bass this Spring using Jerkbaits!! We’ve caught an … source

Kayak Bass Fishing – First Big Smallmouth Bass at Percy Priest Lake!!

Today I went Kayak Bass Fishing in Nashville, TN on Percy Priest Lake. I only was out for a couple of hours and hooked into three decent 12-14 inch largemouth … source

This Small Modification Triggers Big Spring Smallmouth Bass

This small modification to my bait triggers big smallmouth bass to bite, especially in the spring! This is one of the most common modifications that I make to my … source

How to fish a Shaky Head Worm – Bass Fishing

When you are bass fishing and you just have to catch a fish, this is a rig to reach for. I show you how to fish a shaky head jig. It is a great finesse fishing technique … source

Locate Bass Fast with Mike Iaconelli – Bass Fishing Tips

Watch Entire Locate Bass Fast Class: Watch More YouTube Videos: Check Out The Tackle The Pros Use: … source

Most Amazing Video In 2020!Dry Season Fishing Find And Catch A Lot Of Fish By Village Fishing

Wow Most Amazing Video In 2020!Dry Season Fishing Find And Catch A Lot Of Fish By Village Fishing Recommend Fishing Video Watching Thanks For … source

RECORD Day of FROG Fishing! (LOADED w/ GIANT Bass)

In this bass fishing video I have a record day of frog fishing! This is loaded with giant bass! What is your favorite frog to go frog fishing with? What is the biggest … source

Unexpected Catch While Fishing HIDDEN Canal! (DOUBLE DIGIT)

In this bass fishing video we go fishing at a hidden canal and catch a double digit unexpected catch! I haven’t posted a video fishing at this hidden canal before. source

NED Rigs & CRANKBAITS for Spring Bass + (High School Tournament Fishing)

Some of my favorite fishing lures for spring bass are crankbaits and the Ned Rig. One is a reaction strike type bait and the other covers me as a more finesses … source

CATCHING BASS while Fishing Lake Guntersville! (Prespawn Conditions)

I went out fishing with crankbaits and jerkbaits on Lake Guntersville in the spring in search of some big prespawn bass. I caught some good ones, and had a … source

This TINY Hair Jig Lure Catches Big Spring Bass

This tiny hair jig lure catches big spring bass. When bass are moving up to spawn or go shallow, a tiny hair jig can draw big smallmouth from long distances and … source

Targeting Spring Smallmouth Bass with Blade Baits

Wired2Fish caught up with lakes Erie and Ontario fishing guide, Joe Fonzi, for a lesson in how to find and catch staging prespawn smallmouth bass. In addition … source

She figured this out REALLY QUICK… ( HOW TO Catch GIANT SPAWNING BASS on Lake Guntersville )

In this Lake Guntersville bass fishing video, I am fishing with my wife on Lake Guntersville. We are sight fishing for GIANT BASS on Lake Guntersville. We catch … source

Everyone should watch this Fishermen's video – Most Satisfying Big Catch Fishing With Net long

Everyone should watch this Fishermen’s video – Most Satisfying Big Catch Fishing With Net long source

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