A Brief Bass Fishing Florida Guide

Florida is a state that is known for its bass fishing, but a bass fishing Florida guide is a good idea, since many expert anglers from other parts of the country can really find themselves befuddled. Fishing for the big bass in Florida is unlike many other parts of the country. Lakes tend to be much more shallow and grassy. Some techniques, such as trolling rapalas, you often have to throw right out the window. This doesn’t mean that a giant lunker isn’t catchable, but you may need a bass fishing Florida guide to figure out how to nail that trophy!

Many of the professional bass fishing Florida guides tend to use one main lure and only one or two techniques to locate the best area to catch big bass. By having an idea of what these lures and techniques are, you have a much better idea of what to expect and how to go about fishing those Florida waters.

The best lure recommended by many of these bass fishing guides in Florida is the “Wild Golden Shiner.” Many of the guides swear by this as the lure you want and/or need to catch the really big bass in Florida. One of the most popular methods that any bass fishing Florida guide will use with these lures is “Drifting.” Drifting is very similar to what it sounds like. This is especially good for shallow lakes, which Florida has an abundance of. The point of this technique is to cover a large percentage of the lake area. The reason for this is that fish often congregate in one area, but without the normal currents, creek flows, or other common traits of other lakes, you can’t just guess at where the fish are: they could be anywhere! So drift until you get a couple hits, and then you know you’re in the right place.

Pulling is similar to drifting, but involves trolling over casting. A bass fishing Florida guide is likely to try this technique if the drifting doesn’t seem to be leading you anywhere profitable. Pull your wild golden shiner while trolling, and as you cover a lot of ground, eventually you will hit one of the hot spots. When you do, stop and drift and let the bass fishing Florida guide help you land a trophy for that bare space on the wall back home that’s just begging for it!

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