Big and aggressive deep diving crankbaits trigger aggressive reaction strikes from the biggest bass in a system, but choosing the right crankbait for the job, and proper implementation, require time on the water -or- some shared knowledge from experienced fisherman. Bassmaster Elite Series Pro Brandon Palaniuk, shares some insightful tips on choosing the right lure for the conditions, and how to work big crankbaits to trigger bass into biting. Take it from an analytical and innately “fishy” pro that credits big cranks to supplying Elite Series paychecks!


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  1. If you have a deep diver other than an Arashi then this is what will happen….."if the fish was right behind the rock he may never see it" lol … ok sure man.

  2. Good info. I would like to know more about this tackle set-up. Looks like an Ike's cranking rod and the reel looks like an Abu Salty Stage SJ or a Big Shooter (both are JDM – Japanese Domestic Market).

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