How To Fish A Spider Jig (Hula Grub) | Bass Fishing Hоw Tо Fіѕh A Spider Jіg (Hula Grub) | Bass Fіѕhіng Hеу, folks. Glenn May here wіth BаѕѕRеѕоurсе. com. Tоdау, I’m going tо tаlk to уоu about fіѕhіngthе Hulа Grub. Grеаt bаіt for ѕmаllmоuth fishing. This is a brеаd and buttеr bait. If you’refishing for ѕmаllіеѕ, thіѕ іѕ аn аwеѕоmе bаіt tо uѕе. Whаt’ѕ […]

Isolated Bass Fishing (Relaxing Video)

Royce takes you guys to the lake on a warm afternoon. How many fish will he catch? Instagram: source

2019 Bassmaster High School National Championship

The 2019 Mossy Oak Bassmaster High School National Championship presented by Academy Sports and Outdoors took place at Kentucky Lake. source


Favorite Rods is hosting an Instagram Big Bass tournament for $500 for their website! Time to get back into the bass fishing grind for a potential double digit fish. Come along as we search for big spawning largemouth to try and win this awesome tournament! If we come in clutch and win, we will have […]


Introducing the NEW and improved bass boat of the LFG Fishing channel, the 2020 Skeeter FXR 21. The redesigned hull and deck should make for some great … source

Catching Bass From The Back Seat | Bass Fishing

You can be effective catching bass from the back of the boat with these 5 tips on how to catch bass from the back seat. Including an insane one that will double … source

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