Bass Fishing in CHINA!

HOW TO WIN THE BOAT!? Go to Instagram and follow seasoned_outdoors. CLICK HERE- Check Out Seasoned Outdoors- … source

2018 Bassmaster High School National Championship

The 2018 Bassmaster High School National Championship took place on Kentucky Lake in Paris, TN. source

Bed Fishing Crystal Clear Water for Largemouth Bass!!

I’m posting a video that is a bit new today.. Chasing after some largemouth bass! Spring time means bass are busy spawning and this can produce some of the most exciting/technical fishing of the year. Reading the fish’s body language and learning when to move your lure and when to leave it are essential skills. […]

Baits to Catch Cold Front Bass Fishing

How to catch cold front bass in Spring. These expert tips reveal proven techniques and lures that catch post front bass. These will help you catch more bass even … source

107 Bass In ONE DAY?!?! EVERY Fish Catch | TylersReelFishing

You’re gonna wanna watch the whole thing… Some fun stuff in this one!! SMASH that LIKE button if you enjoyed! OVER 100 Bass Caught! SUBSCRIBE to join … source

SPRING SWIMBAIT FISHING! Largemouth Bass Fishing w/ Megabass Vatalion!

Welcome back to the channel Fish Slayers, today’s video is all about the Megabass Vatalion and catching spring largemouth bass. This is such a great swimbait to catch numbers of fish as well as big bass. If you have never tried one you definitely should. Here is a link to where you can find the […]

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