Bass Fishing CRYSTAL CLEAR Water

30+ feet of visibility and great fishing! If you know how to target BIG BASS in ultra clear water the fishing can be amazing. Tim explains how he targeted the … source

How To Catch Summer Smallmouth Bass In Rivers & Creeks: Smallmouth Bass Fishing

Gear & Tackle Used Linked Below~ We couldn’t keep the smallies off our hooks this day! All day smallmouth bass action! Football Head Jig: … source

GIANT Bass are LOADED in this SMALL Pond (Bank Fishing)

In this bass fishing video we go bank fishing at a small pond that is loaded with giant bass! I’ve been grinding recently so I wanted to show this old bank fishing day at this small pond. Do you go pond fishing? Have you ever went pond fishing at a small pond? Do you go […]

It’s a Special Day! (Surprise Tank Video!! and Winter Bass Fishing)

I have finally turned the big 17! Went out and did a little fishing on my bday I am now going to be showing regular tank videos so let me know what you want to … source

How To Catch Largemouth Bass During The Shad Spawn!!!

Myself and Capn’ Ron sit down to discuss in-depth tips on how to catch largemouth bass during the shad spawn in today’s video. Thanks for watching! Fish Lyfe … source

The Next USA Bassin MO14 Division Tourney is May 23rd, 2020

The Next USA Bassin MO14 Division Tourney is May 23rd, 2020 at Aunts Creek on Table Rock Lake! Team Entry and/0r Card(s) LBN OPEN or INVTNL Entry $104.00 USD USA Bassin MO12 or 14 Entry $84.00 USD Add or Renew USA B Card $32.00 USD LBN Tourney Discount Card $21.00 USD Your USA Bassin I.D […]

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