Bass Fishing – How to Fish for Bass when the Baitfish are Tiny

One of the biggest frustration I’ve had when bass fishing is how to fish when the baitfish are very small. Here are a couple of techniques that I use and have … source

Identify Bass on Fish Finder in 3 Easy Steps! | Fishing Sonar Basics

The ability to pick out bass on a fish finder from other species of fish and cover in the water is what separates an average offshore fisherman from a great one. source

Bass fishing challenge with the kids! Hand tied flies vs bass lures!

Fishing for largemouth bass in Delaware, bass lures vs home made flies! (fly fishing) In this episode, we took a trip to Cabela’s where my the White Clay Fly … source

Smallmouth Bass Spawning Location

Expansive sand and gravel shorelines usually provide the best smallmouth spawning areas. Use your eyes and electronics to locate the fish. source

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