Tidal River Bass Fishing (Chickahominy/James) Swim Jig & More!!!

Tidal river bass fishing on the Chickahominy River in Virginia is incredible. Not only is the bass fishing great, but the scenery is amazing. Tidal river bass fishing … source

Spring Smallmouth Bass Jerkbait Fishing Tips

Ryan presents a mixed-bag of tips in this video that’ll put smallmouth in your boat wherever they swim. This video dives into the following topics, each supported … source

2017 Fly Fishing Film Tour

The original and preeminent exhibition of fly fishing cinema, The F3T is a one of a kind experience. Each year fishy folk of all ages gather at premieres to soak up … source

Eating Smallmouth Bass – Extremely Underrated Fish!

We had the smallies crushing the small tubes! It was massive fun coming to a new lake and having so much success finding bass. We rounded it out with a nice … source

Turned this Wild TINY POND into a LARGEMOUTH BASS Fishing Feeding Frenzy by accident with this BAIT

I couldn’t get these Largemouth Bass to bite anything until I turned this tiny pond in the wild into a feeding frenzy with this saltwater bait by accident. I’ll be going back and I’m going to catch some of the big ones real soon with this new saltwater technique in freshwater. #RMadventure rated:5.00 viewed:69 source

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