Floating the jig technique cold water fishing

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=h_xb2PNqSBw welcome back everyone we’re back at backat our favorite bluegill pond and we’regonna try to catch some more of thesethese nice bluegill with the littlebobble rig with a little crappie jig sostay tuned and we’ll see what we cancatchnow folks what’s going on here is we’refishing on the downwind side of the lakethe sun’s […]

Giant Prespawn Smallmouth in Sturgeon Bay WI

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Zb5eUc_8KNA Alrightteam!Charge! (take me out on thewater. . . )We eat! Fish eat! (where the breathin’ is easy,the livin’ is good. . . ) And Welcome to Larry SmithOutdoors!We’re sponsored by: The BadgerSportsman Magazine, BartleinBarrels,Warrior Boats, Big Snow resort,Hard and Soft Fishing, Lynch ofMuckwonago,Wings Over Wisconsin, Mike’sCountry Meats, MidwesternShooter’s Supply,Burgers’ Smokehouse, Dowco,Vexilar, DIck Smith’s Bait […]

Top 5 Pond Bass Fishing Lures (Spring Bass Fishing Tips)

In this video, I talk about my top 5 favorite pond bass fishing lures for the spring. I hope you all enjoy these bass fishing tips! LURES IN THIS VIDEO: #1: #2: (I like this one better) #3: #4: #5: Thanks for watching! If you like this content, subscribe to my channel! (It’s free) ——–Subscribe […]

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