Floating the jig technique cold water fishing

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=h_xb2PNqSBw welcome back everyone we’re back at backat our favorite bluegill pond and we’regonna try to catch some more of thesethese nice bluegill with the littlebobble rig with a little crappie jig sostay tuned and we’ll see what we cancatchnow folks what’s going on here is we’refishing on the downwind side of the lakethe sun’s […]


In this spring bass fishing video we focused mainly on crawfish colored crankbaits. Instagram: @fishing.with.brayden Straight Up Fishing with Brian Latimer: … source

Giant Prespawn Smallmouth in Sturgeon Bay WI

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Zb5eUc_8KNA Alrightteam!Charge! (take me out on thewater. . . )We eat! Fish eat! (where the breathin’ is easy,the livin’ is good. . . ) And Welcome to Larry SmithOutdoors!We’re sponsored by: The BadgerSportsman Magazine, BartleinBarrels,Warrior Boats, Big Snow resort,Hard and Soft Fishing, Lynch ofMuckwonago,Wings Over Wisconsin, Mike’sCountry Meats, MidwesternShooter’s Supply,Burgers’ Smokehouse, Dowco,Vexilar, DIck Smith’s Bait […]


In this video, my dad and I are fishing in a CLEAR WATER river I Colombia. I decide to take a few casts to a creek opening, and end up booking a GIANT fish on … source


In this video, I catch a fish that I have been after for a LONG TIME! I’m sure you can tell I was super happy to finally accomplish this goal! The reel I used to catch this fish: The outfit I went with to South America: www.fishcolombia.com THANK YOU for watching, please leave a thumbs […]

How to Make the Tokyo Rig for Bass Fishing – DIY Tutorial

How to Make the Tokyo Rig for Bass Fishing – DIY Tutorial. This is the evolved version of the Jika Rig and it is super effective fishing at the bottom for bass! source

Tournament Bass Fishing… With my Subscriber's Lures?? (ft. LunkersTV)

One of the most unique bass fishing challenges I’ve ever attempted! Using ONLY the lures sent to me by my subscribers, I entered a bass fishing team … source

Top 5 Pond Bass Fishing Lures (Spring Bass Fishing Tips)

In this video, I talk about my top 5 favorite pond bass fishing lures for the spring. I hope you all enjoy these bass fishing tips! LURES IN THIS VIDEO: #1: #2: (I like this one better) #3: #4: #5: Thanks for watching! If you like this content, subscribe to my channel! (It’s free) ——–Subscribe […]

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