BEST BIG Bass Fishing for Bass Tournament – HawgNSonsTV September 12 2010 2:00pm Lake Geneva WisconsinW 7mph. 75 degrees Sunny. Barometer 30. 11 RisingWaxing Crescent 32% of the Moon is IlluminatedThe very BEST BIG Bass Fishing for Bass TournamentLargemouth Bass Fishing, The BEST Bass Tournament,The Big Bucks Bass Tournamentsheld at Lake Geneva in WisconsinStarring the The Hewkinators, Mark and Jeramie HewkinMark Hewkin and […]

Shin Fukae's secret Japan bed fishing rig for bass

Believe he calls it the “free rig” because the line moves through the dropshot weight…. It’s secret here (mostly) but getting popular in Japan. Have at it … source

Catching Bass of a LIFETIME from FLOODED Farms!! *STATE RECORD Hunt*

We fished a bunch of flooded farms and caught bass of a lifetime! Pre-spawn is the best time to target GIANT bass at these lakes and we found a few freaks! source

24/7series: Episode 3 | Lake Hartwell – Wait ’til the last minute. – Wait ’til the last minute. – What do we got, fourminutes ’til we check in. Right. Four minutes baby, never give up. – In place currently and– All right,let’s keep ’em rollin’. From Newcomerstown, Ohio, gotmarried just a few weeks ago,let’s hear it for Hunter Shryock. Happy […]


Fishing Challenge with red and black baits I called the Killer challenge I use a blood splatter baitcaster where I have a video here on how to do the super easy … source

How To Catch Smallmouth Bass in April (Before Wisconsin opener?)

Fishing for smallmouth bass the weekend before the general game fish opener during the new catch-and-release season. source

My BIGGEST Bass Of the Year! (It's a GIANT)

Book a trip to Mexico — Buy Trench Hawgs/Googan Baits — What I film with… Drone — Camera — Lens — GoPro — BIG SHINY Camera — BIG SHINY Lens — My Other Gear… Computer — Editing software — Mic — Camera Case — Backpack — Follow me on… SOUNDCLOUD — INSTAGRAM — TWITTER — […]

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