The GR8est Top-Water Bass Lure

Thanks for watching my second GR8 video, hope you enjoyed it. Make sure to like and subscribe, also drop ideas that you would like to see me do. Also, follow … source

How to Choose Crankbait Colors for Spring Bass Fishing I get asked all the time about crankbait colors. When do I throw this color? What’s the bestcolor? Well with the Original Little Johnwe make about 12-15 colors that are all fordifferent situations. There’s not one colorthat works all the time. We have natural colorslike the Shad Colors. Then we have the crawfishcolors, we […]

How to Fish Jerkbaits for Big Smallmouth Bass

These are some tips to help you be successful when fishing jerkbaits for smallmouth bass! Jerkbaits are great for getting big bites from smallmouth bass, … source

Bass Fishing Using My TOP LURES in April

In this video, find out what top lures I like to use during April that bass love to munch on. Help get this channel to 5,000 Subscribers! Subscribe Here and turn on post notifications! Check FULL DESCRIPTION for helpful links. [Product Discounts] RedGills Fishing Backpack and Apparel 10% Discount: REDGILLSKHAM [Camera Equipment] Big Camera: Small […]

How to Fish a Wacky Rig for Bass | Bass Fishing Hey folks, Glenn May here with BassResource. com. Today I want to talk with you about fishingwacky rigged worms. This is a great way tocatch fish, almost year-round, really. It’sa great method to do it. And all’s it reallyis, you’re just taking a straight-tailed worm,any size, and just sticking the hook throughit. That’s the […]

Bass Fishing Rod & Reel Arsenal 2018 (FINALLY)

In today’s video I go over the rods and reels that make up my 2018 arsenal! I did my best to outline which rods are best for which techniques, but if you have any … source

FOX Sports Outdoors SouthWEST #10 – 2019 Konawa Oklahoma Largemouth Bass Fishing

This episode focuses on catching largemouth bass during the Spring pre-spawn time of year. The show originates from Lake Konawa in central Oklahoma and teaches tips on how to locate and catch bass shallow on lipless crankbaits. See lots more great fishing news and info at our web site at rated:4.80 viewed:3100 source

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