Three Bass Fishing Tips Based Off Scientific Research

A few bass fishing tips and tricks for the beginner or advanced fisherman based on several interesting research articles. I hope these bass fishing tips help you catch a few more fish this year! As always, best of luck fishing! Citations: 1. HANSON KC, ARROSA S, HASLER CT, et al. Effects of lunar cycles on […]

Bass Fishing with Bitsy Bug Jig's. Fishing Before Class (FBC) #2

Fishing one of my favorite reservoirs in New England for largemouth bass with only a couple hours to fish in-between my college classes. I get to the reservoir … source

How to fish a Shaky Head Worm – Bass Fishing

When you are bass fishing and you just have to catch a fish, this is a rig to reach for. I show you how to fish a shaky head jig. It is a great finesse fishing technique … source

Flipping jigs for BIG pre-spawn bass

Today we went out to some of our local ponds and caught some big bass on jigs and crank baits. The water was still in the 40’s as we just had a big snow 2 days … source

Locate Bass Fast with Mike Iaconelli – Bass Fishing Tips

Watch Entire Locate Bass Fast Class: Watch More YouTube Videos: Check Out The Tackle The Pros Use: … source

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