In the kayak catching some decent largemouth!!!! Throwing next to big rock bluffs and some lay downs … PLEASE LIKE AND SUBSCRIBE!!! source

Catching GIANT Bass in FLOODED Lake! (Spring Fishing)

In this bass fishing video we catch giant bass during the spring time while fishing a flooded lake. Have you been fishing this spring? What is your favorite spring … source


There are always 2 sides to a story but it looks like the trophy bass master Mike Long may have cheated and lied about some of his angling records, fishing … source

In-Depth Look | How To Catch Smallmouth On Blade Baits

Dave talks about one of his favorite ways to catch big staging smallmouth…heavy metal. *I was using the 1/2 Heavy Series, not 3/8! Welcome! My videos are … source

testing bass lures in isolation – coronavirus

#bassfishing #luretesting #weedlesslures we know its a bath and not saltwater so some of the tails in the lures wont rise up as much but you will get the drift of what they look like underwater…. i am looking forward to the new paddle tails by pirate lures coming out. stay safe all rated:4.57 viewed:407 […]

Catch Bass this Summer Fishing a Casting Spoon

Want to catch more bass this summer? Start with a limited time 10 day trial of Bass University TV at then get yourself a casting … source

How To Catch Largemouth Bass using Live Wild Cichlids!

Catching bass with live bait is awesome! It never fails! Had tons of fun! Enjoy! source

Swimming A Worm for Spawning Largemouth Bass — (Wacky Rigs too)

Swimming a worm for spawning bass is a fun way to fish in the spring time of the year! — More Pond fishing and Kayak videos 📍 — The worm I used is discontinued but you can find some of my favorite soft plastics here on my site 📍 #swimmingworm #softplastics #spawningbass #spring #fishing #bassboats […]

How to practice for a big bass tournament

I show the ABC’s of the proper ways to practice for an important bass tournament! I’m fishing lake Okeechobee but the process is similar no mater where I fish, … source

This TROPHY Lake is LOADED w/ GIANT Bass (Frog Fishing)

In this bass fishing video we go frog fishing at a trophy lake that is loaded with giant bass! The frog fishing recent has been catching the giant bass! What is your favorite frog for frog fishing? Have you ever been bass fishing at a trophy bass lake? When is the last time you went […]

Bass Fishing for Beginners – Choosing a Fishing Reel – How to Fish

This is a very basic beginner bass fishing video. I share my opinions on what reel you should buy and how to shop for it. source

Early Season Spring Smallmouth Fishing – Wisconsin Bass Fishing

Thank you Wisconsin for the new regulations on bass fishing. source

Toledo Bend bass fishing, Six Mile, March 2020!!!

Me and my brother spent the second week of March 2020 fishing out of Six Mile Marina while the world was imploding around us due to the outbreak. source

3 Ways To CATCH Big Bass In The Spring! | Prespawn Bass Fishing Tips

Prespawn bass fishing can be a challenging, but extremely rewarding time to fish. Bass are on the move and actively feeding as they move to shallow water in … source

Surprise Big Bass at Corinth Lake

Kentucky Afield host Tim Farmer visits Corinth Lake. It’s one of those days where it seems like the fish just aren’t biting, but this segment just goes to show that you should always expect the unexpected! rated:4.95 viewed:15111 source

My new favorite FROG for bass fishing!

I’m going to start sharing videos I’ve been working on with other companies that I’m a spokesperson for. I took part in the development of this DC frog … source

Slug-Go Tips That Catch Bass! | Bass Fishing

How to fish a Slug-Go. These Slug-Go tips and techniques catch big bass! The Slug-Go bass fishing lure changed the way we fished soft plastic stick baits, and … source

Florida state record large mouth bass

Bass master cranks in record bass at Florida rock quarry! rated:3.75 viewed:193 source

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