The Absolute Best Baits to use during the Bass Spawn with Greg Hackney

The bass spawn is the best time of year to catch the fish of a lifetime. While on beds, fish may not be actively feeding so anglers have to get creative to get them to bite. In this video pro angler Greg Hackney breaks down his favorite baits to use during the spawn. rated:4.91 viewed:17025 […]

Bass Fishing the Upper Potomac River (ft. SBFISHINGTV) 6 SPECIES CAUGHT!!!

The weather was perfect for a day of bass fishing on the upper Potomac River!!! Matt from SBFISHINGTV and I teamed up and went after whatever the Big … source

Everyone should watch this Fishermen's video – Most Satisfying Big Catch Fishing With Net long

Everyone should watch this Fishermen’s video – Most Satisfying Big Catch Fishing With Net long source

Largemouth Bass and private pond management with The Fisherman's Guide

Capatain Ronnie Daniels and Randy Deshamp of Shamps Outdoors catch largemouth bass on a private lake! Season 2 ep 3 rated:3.33 viewed:1627 source

Roumbanis Lowers the Boom (Boom) with Swimbaits in Early Spring | Major League Lessons

It should come as no surprise that MLF pro Fred “Boom Boom” Roumbanis counts a swimbait as one of his favorite baits. The Mercury pro grew up fishing them … source

Catching GIANT Bass on BIG RAT Lure! (Jon Boat Fishing)

In this bass fishing video we catch giant bass on big rats while jon boat fishing! This is the first time i’ve gone bass fishing with a big rat! Have you even went … source

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