How to Fish Topwater Lures for Big Bass

This topwater bait fishing seminar is 1 of 3 conducted by bass fishing tournament angler Mike “Ike” Iaconelli. In part 1, he introduced the lures: walking baits, poppers and prop baits ( In part 2, he discussed the rods, reels and line he recommends for fishing these topwater lures ( and in this final video, […]

Fishing w/ LIVE BAIT vs FAKE BAIT (Exotic Fish)

In this live bait fishing video we go fishing with live bait vs fake bait for exotic fish! Live bait fishing videos have to be some of my favorite fishing videos of all time. source

Catching GIANT Bass on BIG JIGS (Jon Boat Fishing)

In this bass fishing video we go jon boat fishing with big jigs for giant bass! One thing I love about big jig fishing is most of the time you catch giant bass with jigs! source

How To Cast Light Lures with a Baitcaster | Bass Fishing

Casting light lures on a baitcaster can be hard, but not after watching this video. You’ll learn the right way to cast light lures on baitcasting reels. Related videos: … source

How to Catch Cruising Bass – Clear Water Smallmouth Bass

Here’s some secrets on how to catch cruising bass in clear water. Don’t get frustrated when you see fish. Use these techniques, so you can catch them. There is … source

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