How to Catch Giant Bass Like a Pro

Want to catch BIGGER BASS? This video is full of big fish catching tips that you won’t find anywhere else! Nick “The Informative Fisherman” goes through the secrets of the pros that will help you make the right decisions the next time you’re on the water. Limited time: Get a BassXL box for the price […]

Bass Fishing on Pickwick – Tennessee River Bass Fishing with Ryan Salzman of Alabama Bass Guide

Follow Ryan Salzman on Instagram! Wow! Pickwick is the King of Smallmouth in the South! I had a blast fishing with … source

How to Fish Small Creeks for Largemouth & Smallies

In this episode, Jamie and I link up with Chase Logan to fish Elkhorn Creek near Frankfurt, KY for smallies and largemouth. Crystal clear water and gorgeous … source

Fishing BIG Swimbaits for GIANT Bass!

In this bass fishing video we go fishing with big swimbaits for giant bass! I love fishing with big swimbaits because you never know when your going to hook a giant bass! Have you ever went swimbait fishing? Have you ever caught a giant bass while fishing big swimbaits? What is your favorite swimbait to […]

Unbelievable Winter Pre Spawn Bass Fishing!!!

So I’d say this went well!!! We took the new community version of the Fish Lyfe App for a spin on a warm, winter, January day and the results were unbelievable! source

Bass Fishing Worm Tips for Early Prespawn Grass

Fishing a worm around prespawn bass on grass lakes and marshes can be an effective way to find and catch these staging fish before and into the spawning … source

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