How to Fish for GiANT Bass in the Grass – Bass Fishing

This was a special day of bass fishing for giant bass in Florida. This lake is one of my favorites in the country and always produces big fish. For everything Flukemaster visit my website – For more information on the Button on my hat go to – Tackle Warehouse Affiliate Link – ******************************************************************** ((((((Everything Purchased […]

I BUILT THESE RODS!!! How to build perfect bass rods!!!

Discount Code: KW Discount Code: KW10 2020 … source

Bass Fishing w/ Jigs Tricks, Tips & Secrets – Bryan Thrift

Do you want to know the secret tip, tricks, tactics and techniques that professional bass anglers like Bryan Thrift use to catch tournament-winning limits of big … source

Goodbye Lake EA? Crushing Largemouth Bass on Swim Bait in Central Florida – Largemouth Bass Fishing

Fishing Florida Radio’s Steve Chapman says GOODBYE to his favorite fishing spot. With his friends moving to a new home, Steve stops by to say goodbye, fish some swmibaits and catch a few fish before his friends move away. Will this be his last time fishing this amazing pond? How will his day go? Did […]

Growing Big Bass | Ranch Lake Fishing

Continuing on our whitetail deer hunt, we gather up and head to the near by bass fishing lake to do some ranch management bass fishing. One of the keys to … source

5 Jig Fishing Tips To Catch Bigger Bass This Spring!

Want to catch bigger bass this Spring? Tired of the same old results when you go to the lake? On average, a jig catches bigger bass than most other lures. source

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