Big BASS Eats My Fish!!

WATCH IN HD! Big bass eats my fish! If you enjoyed today’s video, please like and subscribe fir more content! I went fishing at a local pond, where there are both bass and bluegill. I was mainly targeting Big bluegill with my fly rod. I then hooked into a nice size gill when a big […]

How to Fish Shaky Head Around Docks

Despite an onslaught of newer finesse bass tactics, the shaky head remains a standard go-to anytime you need bites. Justin Atkins shares a pile of tips on when … source

My FIRST EVER High School Bass Fishing Tournament Win! (1st Place)

No doubt the win was great but by far the best part was meeting all my fellow GrayGangsters! Merch – MTB Promo Code: … source

How To Catch More Bass In COLD Water (Best Baits & Techniques)

The end of fall is here and fish will soon be making their transition to their winter areas. As temperatures into the low 40s and even the 30s, many people think fishing season is over BUT you can still get out there and catch some bass. In this video, TightLineTV takes over the channel again […]

The Best Fishing Lines for Texas Rigs | Bass Fishing

What line works best for Texas rigs? We break down the line sizes in fluorocarbon, co-polymer, monofilament, and braided line that are best for a variety of … source

This TINY Ditch is LOADED w/ GIANT Bass!

In this bass fishing video we go fishing for giant bass in a tiny ditch that is loaded with giant bass! When most of us think about ditch fishing it’s usually something … source

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