Why I Don't Fish Pro Bass Fishing Tournaments

Fishing in professional bass tournaments is a hard way to make a living. In this third video of the Lakeforkguy background series, I explain why I don’t fish bass … source

Pond Management: Harvesting Largemouth Bass, Bluegill, & Bream in Recreational Fishing Ponds

A key to creating and maintaining fishing quality in ponds is proper fish harvest. This video outlines the considerations and recommendations towards properly harvesting ponds in the Southeast that contain populations of both bass and bream. The size of the pond, productivity (fertility), and fishing strategy or goal all play a role in determining the […]

IT BIT ME!!! (Catching a BIG SNAKE While Bass Fishing) HERPING!

Yup, it bit me, but catching a big snake and having it reach back and bite me is nothing new. I’ve always been a huge fan of reptiles and was always bringing … source

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