A Closer Look at the NEW Terminator Shuddering Jig – Largemouth Bass Fishing Bladed Jig- Chatterbait

Fishing Florida Radio’s Steve Chapman takes a Closer Look at the NEW Terminator Shuddering Jig. This thick plastic cupped jig creates serious thumping in the water. Designed to be swam fast or slow and to cover water, this bladed jig comes in 9 colors and 2 different weights. #bass #fishing #teminatorshudderingjig FREE MASK: Products used […]

Lake Casitas Bass Fishing | Stoked On Fishing – Full Episode |

When it comes to bass fishing out West you have to mention Lake Casitas. She is one of the most beautiful lakes on the West coast located in the Los Padres … source

The FATTEST Smallmouth Bass? Casting Umbrella Rigs for Deep Suspended Smallmouth Bass S14 | E16

Pat McSharry and Adam Rasmussen fish giant suspended smallmouth bass using umbrella rigs over deep water on Green Bay near Sturgeon Bay Wisconsin. source

Quickly tune your crankbaits with Dale Hightower

In this Tackle Tip Tuesday video, Dale Hightower talks about tuning crankbaits to run perfect. Sometimes they will run to the left or right out of the package. source

Boatless, Top Water, Smallmouth Bass Fishing

Today we’re looking for that top water smallmouth bass bite. We’re running the top water Mojo Mackys. Even the smaller bass are hitting this bigger lure! Instead … source

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