Fishing for GIANT Prespawn Michigan Largemouth Bass (Searching for Mega Bag 25+ lbs)

Fishing in Western Michigan for giant largemouth bass using Zman Chatterbaits. The water temp was still very cold, around 40-45 degrees but it is on the rise. The big fish both came back to back, but we couldnt seem to get any more monsters to commit. Pretty soon we will be in full blown prespawn […]

Hank Cherry's Bassmaster Classic 2020 Winning Baits

Hank Cherry won his first Bassmaster Classic championship in 2020, and we were on hand for the event. Today we are going to talk about the three baits he … source

She figured this out REALLY QUICK… ( HOW TO Catch GIANT SPAWNING BASS on Lake Guntersville )

In this Lake Guntersville bass fishing video, I am fishing with my wife on Lake Guntersville. We are sight fishing for GIANT BASS on Lake Guntersville. We catch … source

Early Season Topwater Frog Fishing for some Giant Largemouth Bass!

Link to one of my Favorite Frogs! In this video Epic Eric joins me down in Alabama in March and we head out to do some damage on some top water frogs. Arguably one of the best bites you can ever have while bass fishing and offers some explosive topwater strikes when it is […]

How to Fish a Chatterbait in the Grass – Bass Fishing in the Summer

Bass Fishing in the Summer can be difficult at best but if you can find the grass you will find the bass. In this video I show how to fish a Chatterbait in the grass. source

The Absolute Best Baits to use during the Bass Spawn with Greg Hackney

The bass spawn is the best time of year to catch the fish of a lifetime. While on beds, fish may not be actively feeding so anglers have to get creative to get them to bite. In this video pro angler Greg Hackney breaks down his favorite baits to use during the spawn. rated:4.91 viewed:17025 […]

Bass Fishing the Upper Potomac River (ft. SBFISHINGTV) 6 SPECIES CAUGHT!!!

The weather was perfect for a day of bass fishing on the upper Potomac River!!! Matt from SBFISHINGTV and I teamed up and went after whatever the Big … source

Everyone should watch this Fishermen's video – Most Satisfying Big Catch Fishing With Net long

Everyone should watch this Fishermen’s video – Most Satisfying Big Catch Fishing With Net long source

Largemouth Bass and private pond management with The Fisherman's Guide

Capatain Ronnie Daniels and Randy Deshamp of Shamps Outdoors catch largemouth bass on a private lake! Season 2 ep 3 rated:3.33 viewed:1627 source

Roumbanis Lowers the Boom (Boom) with Swimbaits in Early Spring | Major League Lessons

It should come as no surprise that MLF pro Fred “Boom Boom” Roumbanis counts a swimbait as one of his favorite baits. The Mercury pro grew up fishing them … source

Catching GIANT Bass on BIG RAT Lure! (Jon Boat Fishing)

In this bass fishing video we catch giant bass on big rats while jon boat fishing! This is the first time i’ve gone bass fishing with a big rat! Have you even went … source

Butch Brown 65+lb limit with an 18.5 lb. KICKER!

rated:4.82 viewed:719987 source

FISHING After a Full Moon (Bass Fishing Tips)

In todays fishing video we go out on the river after a full moon! We attempt fishing after a full moon and I also give my thoughts on fishing after a full moon at the … source

I Found a MEGA BASS Living in this Pressured Public Lake!! (Biggest of 2020)

I hit the lake for some Spring bass fishing and found a GIANT bass in this pressured public spot! This was the biggest public northern strain bass I’ve caught so … source

BIGGEST Largemouth Bass Pond Pet EVER! *REVENGE of THUMP*

You won’t believe the size of this Bass! Having the opportunity to be set and ready to transport this big of a fish home and have it living well and happy in the backyard pond is GREAT! Welcome to the Family… THUMP. I can’t wait to feed this Beast! (For those who think this pond […]

The Secret to Catching Inactive Summer Bass

When the bite starts slowing down in the mid-summer, fishing offshore structure is one of the best ways to catch big bass. Here’s a video on how I target offshore … source

Kayak TOURNAMENT on Lake Fork (B.A.S.S. Nation Kayak Series Stop #2)

This is your introductory course (Tournament kayak fishing 101) “How NOT to fish a kayak bass tournament”. BAITS *10% FishUSA orders with code GREG10 … source

RDR2 Smallmouth Bass Locations Red Dead Redemption 2 Online

RDR2 Smallmouth Bass Locations Red Dead Redemption 2 Online Smallmouth Bass are commonly seen in the northern rivers. They prefer natural baits, such … source

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