Top 3 Lures for bass fishing | Bass Lures 101 2019

It’s time to take a reel to go fishing! However, do you know what the best fishing lures to catch big bass in 2019? Watch it now and check it out Josh’s suggestion. Bonus scene: In 4:20, click the time and watch it. If you have any good ideas, please comment below and let me […]

Carolina Rig Bass Fishing SECRETS the PROS Don't Want You to Know!

Bass University TV’s on the water to show you casting, retrieve and trigger bass strikes when fishing the Carolina rig. Bass fishing tournament professional … source


Northern Michigan trip full of pig smallmouth. this was the second biggest of the trip. was a insane catch thought for sure she would hit 6 just short. source


I caught 2 bass right after the other on a lure I usually had reserved for saltwater fishing. It seams there are plenty of freshwater shrimp naturally in the bass habitat so this clear shrimp presentation is an instant him for them this time of year when the rain waters are moving. Sorry its been […]

How to Catch Bass Fishing in Wind

Watch full length video on how to catch bass fishing in the wind with our limited-time 10-day trial at Pete Gluszek sees too many … source

How To Bass Fishing – BASS fishing : how to catch bass Largemouth Bass Fishing With A Rat

Subscribe To Received awesome videos: how to bass fishing – In this … source

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