Bass Edge Quick Tip – Bob Lusk – Ponds Series #1 – Habitat

Habitat is the first in our multi-part series covering construction, management, and fishing ponds. Pond Boss Magazine Editor and fisheries biologist, Bob Lusk, looks at the construction phase of a pond and covers what type of habitats to consider based on the type of fish you plan to have in your pond. This is great […]


Everyone is catching GIANT Bass on the Kissimmee Chain of Lakes and I am trying to put my self in position for the victory with a couple of BIG bass that are … source

Ice Fishing for BIG First Ice Smallmouth Bass!!! (Epic Day)

We SMOKED the walleyes on first ice of the season but I made a monumental expensive mistake. HOW WILL THIS PLAY OUT?? NEW MF Apparel … source

Best Bass lures for a windy day

I demonstrate how to fish the Chatterbait and Spinnerbait for bass on a windy day. I also show how to quickly build your own Spinnerbaits to fit any occasion! rated:4.96 viewed:14967 source

Carolina Rig And Spoon Fishing GIANT Largemouth!

Watch this video to learn exactly how to fish large casting spoons to catch giant largemouth bass. source

Kayak Fishing Big Smallmouth On A Small River

A beautiful summer day on the river kayak fishing for smallmouth bass. I caught a couple nice fish on the Whopper Plopper and sight fished one of the biggest … source

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