Deploying Homemade PVC Bass Structure | The Mega Bass Factory | B Fishing |

Today Chris and I are launching the fish structure we created a few videos back. Our plan is to deploy these reefs without ending up in the water with them. Like and Subscribe! Chris Instagram: Facebook: Instagram: WebPage: rated:5.00 viewed:500 source

Record Breaking Day! Stage 5 Major League Fishing Smith Lake Alabama

Stage 5 of the Major League Fishing Bass Pro Tour on Smith Lake, Alabama. First place prize is $100000. I break a Major League Fishing Pro Tour fish catch … source

Everyone Should Watch This Fishermen's Video – Most Satisfying Cast Net Fishing Big Catch Big Fish

Everyone Should Watch This Fishermen’s Video – Most Satisfying Cast Net Fishing Big Catch Big Fish. source

Top 5 Bass Lures I NEVER Leave Home Without! (DO YOU AGREE?)

What 5 Bass lures would YOU never leave home without? This was a question posed on Instagram and I thought it would be great to discuss in today’s YouTube viDEBO! It is hard to pin it down to ONLY five lures, but I explain my reasoning behind each choice! COMMENT BELOW and let me know […]

Bass Fishing | Pre-Spawn | GIANT BASS!

Bass fishing is great right now with the pre spawn arriving! This is my favorite time of the year to get out and do some bass fishing near me! For our bass fishing … source

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