Simple Sweetcorn Fishing Tips

Find more info on the products used in this video, here… Simple Sweetcorn Fishing Tips In spring and summer sweetcorn can be … source

Catching BIG Bass in THICK Lily Pads!!!

Day 2 bass fishing in Florida was LIT! Keebler and I whooped on some canal largies and hooked up on a few bigguns! If you’re enjoying the Florida series let me … source

Largemouth Bass Fishing From A Paddle Boat at Lake Mead, Nevada

Summer Bass Fishing is very good right now. We hook up on Smallmouth Bass, Largemouth Bass, and Striped Bass in this video. People were laughing as we loaded our boat with the bass poles but its not the size of the boat that matters lol. We had a great time and hooked up on a […]

Bass Fishing With Live Crawfish

Folks, today I show you my way of rigging up live crawfish for some big bass! The way I rig my crawfish, doesn’t hurt them so it keeps them alive longer and also … source

Long Fight with a BIG Smallmouth! // Cast to Catch

Long fight with a BIG smallmouth! Working on the next video, but I had an especially hard fighting smallmouth from that day that demanded it get its own video. source

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