Fishing w/ BIG Baits for GIANT Bass (Bank Fishing)

In todays bass fishing video we go fishing with big baits for giant bass while bank fishing! What is your favorite big bait to catch some giant bass while bank fishing? Do you go bank fishing? What is your favorite bait to throw while bank fishing for giant bass? What big baits would you like […]

Bass Fishing | Private Lake Fishing | take2fishing | Fishing video | Bass fishing video | Fishing

Welcome to another take2fishing video. I got a call from a friend and he told me we needed to go do some private lake fishing in his Bass boat. This fishing video … source

Bass Fishing Oregon | I-84 Smallmouth Bass | Columbia River Gorge Bass Fishing Hey There Angling Addicts! In this video, it is only a day after fishing the ponds for largemouth bass with Cutone and Ortiz. source

Fishing NEW Snake Lure For Florida Pond Bass – Does It Work?

Fishing down in juicy Florida ponds testing out a brand new snake lure I saw at the store! But is it designed to catch fish, or fishermen? Ben’s Instagram: Subscribe here — Thanks a bunch for watching, be sure to LIKE and SUBSCRIBE if you enjoyed! Connect with me on social media! Instagram: Bulawc Want […]

Lake Cumberland bass fishing

Tim Farmer meets up with Bass Pro Angler, Bill Day to bust some bass on Lake Cumberland. source

Match The Mayfly Hatch Smallmouth Bass

A few smallmouth bass caught with a Nikko hellgrammite during the summer mayfly hatch. source

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