The Georgia Bass Slam Part 1

I’m back!!! Been away getting my degree this semester so that’s why I’ve been a ghost on YouTube. About The Georgia Bass Slam: Black bass are the most sought after species in North America, with Georgia as one of the premier destinations. The idea behind the Georgia Bass Slam is to recognize anglers with the […]

The Best Weedless Soft Swimbait On The Market?! Bait Overview!

Today, we are looking at the new @Working Class Zero 9.0 Battle Shad! Mike Gilbert, owner and founder, designed the battle shad back in 2016 to be a … source

Top 5 Baits For Early Spring Bass Fishing! ( How To Fish Them )

These baits catch giant bass every Spring! If you learn how to use them to cover water and locate feeding bass, your catch rate will sky rocket as we enter the … source

Best Pond Fishing Baits to Use Year Round

Pond Fishing VS Lake Fishing Video I had so many questions just about pond fishing that I decided to make it it’s own video. These are my favorite bass fishing lures for ponds that work year round, and also some of my favorites for summer bass fishing in ponds. Mail me stuff that won’t kill […]

BEST KEPT Bass Fishing SECRET Bait! Gary Klein Wants My Head!

A lot of people don’t EVEN know, but professional bass tournament angler Scott Suggs’s favorite way to catch a bass is with a wake bait. Scott will tell you upfront … source

Largemouth bass fishing in weeds

Buy these lizards at our store Subscribe to see more videos. Catching some big bass in grass beds. source

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