How to Manage a Small Lake | Tips for Trophy Largemouth Bass

If you want a healthy pond, it’s important to know what’s swimming around. Shocking your lake a couple times per year helps keep tabs on both bass and baitfish populations. Plus, Slade gives tips for prepping your hunting property ahead of the sale, and teases a 223-acre farm listing in Kansas. PayDirt S1.E15 rated:4.60 viewed:1630 […]

Finesse Fishing Docks For Spring Bass — ft. Apbassin

My second attempt to upload this video. The first one had major audio issues and it got to be too late to even reattempt…so here it is a day late! Peric and I set … source

Ripping Cranks through THICK Grass for GIANT Bass!!! (Every Cast!)

Check out the NEW Super 6 Sack ▷ Use promo code “MFSuper6” to SAVE $10 Day 2 in Texas…I scanned multiple points with side … source

Top Baits To Catch More Late Spring Bass

Spring bass fishing is coming to a close in some areas of the country, but in others it is just now heating up. With bass in all different phases of the spawn, … source

Trying to Net $300,000 of BASS – FWC Final

Final day to win the 300000 bass fishing tournament in Arkansas and the last chance for me to be the first TWO-TIME FLW Forrest Wood Cup Champion. source

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