This Lake is LOADED w/ GIANT Bass (Jon Boat Tournament)

In this bass fishing video we have a mini boat bass fishing tournament in a lake that is loaded with giant bass! Mini boat bass fishing is growing on me! Do you like the mini boat bass fishing content? Have you gone fishing on a mini boat? Do you fish bass fishing tournaments? Have you […]

Kayak Bass Fishing Slam Tournament vs My Girlfriend [GEECRACK Baits]

Alice and I hit some local waters to compete in a fun little slam tournament using our new Geecrack baits. Geecrack Baits: … source

Catching the BIGGEST BASS EVER on Camera!!! (NEW PB)

SWANK Crankbait Use Promo “MF10” to SAVE I caught my biggest bass ever! Subscribe if you want to see more fishing videos like this! source

Catching GIANT Bass in a TOURNAMENT! (Jon Boat Fishing)

In this bass fishing video we catch giant bass while fishing a bass fishing tournament in jon boats! I haven’t gone bass fishing on jon boats much but i’m really starting to enjoy it! Have you ever fished a bass fishing tournament? Where was your first bass fishing tournament? Do you want to see more […]


One weekend at the lake. Three women and three secrets. Rose’s past collides with her granddaughter’s hidden future and her daughter’s angry present. source

Fall Smallmouth Baits that CATCH big BASS!!

fishing #smallmouth #bassfishing Please Subscribe today and help me crush my goal for 2019! On this episode of Chris King … source

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