Pond Fishing with a Ned Rig and Stick Bait (Bass Fishing Lures that WORK!)

I took an afternoon trip to do some pond fishing with a ned rig and stick bait. I tested out the new Googan Baits Rattlin’ Ned. I threw my favorite stick bait that nobody talks about. I caught fish and had fun before the storm and moon shut me down! Thanks for watching feeshin friends! […]

Early Fall Bass Fishing Baits and Techniques

CHECK OUT FALL FISHING JUST UPLOADED OCTOBER 17TH! Due to the length of the video, here are … source

FISHING EDITION | How to Catch Largemouth Bass – Fall Feed

It seems like this video has been a long time coming, but if there is any video I have made where I was most critical of, and placed the most effort into creating, … source

Build a Trophy Bass Pond

Are you ready to catch that big bass this fishing season? Our resident expert outlines the basic steps for building and maintaining healthy ponds. rated:4.80 viewed:28093 source

Bass Fishing in New Jersey – How to Fish a Black Water Lake – Fishing Tips and Techniques

Today I find myself kayak fishing in South Jersey, figuring out how to fish Mike Iaconelli’s lake. The bass fishing was tough, the wind blew hard and it rained a … source

The Best Texas Rig Tips (Because They Work!) | Bass Fishing

The most proven Texas rig techniques are revealed by top pros in this video. Learn what tactics they use to win big money tournaments! Related videos: How To … source

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