Bass Fishing in Frog Heaven

We are bass fishing in our kayaks on one of the greatest lakes in the the country right now, Toledo Bend Reservoir. Fishing with topwater frogs, both buzz frogs … source

How To Catch Bass In Crystal Clear Water

Clear water scares a lot of fishermen but it doesn’t have to! When its crystal clear there are some changes you need to make to your equipment and your lures … source

Discovering NEW Bass Fishing Pattern | Deep Grass Blading

I’m bass fishing on two different lakes today and experimenting with multiple bass fishing patterns to see what is the best technique for pre spawn bass on these … source

Top 5 Baits To Catch Tough Winter Bass

Winter bass fishing offers a great shot at BIG bass! Unfortunately windy, blue-bird skies make it nearly impossible to get a bite. How do you combat these tough … source

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