Making your own fishing lure and then taking it out and catching a fishing on it is about as rewarding as you can get when it comes to creating something your … source

1st Bass Tournament EVER! Do We Have Enough To WIN IT!? | Ladybass

Opener weekend and Seb and I go out to fish my first tournament ever! Do we have enough to win!? Don’t forget to subscribe and like if you liked the video! source

New Lure Catches Multiple Snook & Bass

Follow along on todays adventure, as i test out a new to me lure. It ends up catching multiple freshwater snooks & bass. It is now the only lure that i use. Thanks … source

How to Catch Smallmouth Bass in the Winter! (Can we catch a 5lber??)

In this episode Devin and I fish for winter smallmouth in fast moving current. I break down what to look for in this situation and put the new Berkley Frittside … source

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