Best Lures For Saltwater Fishing

Looking for some new lures to throw? Todays video is all about making sure your tackle box is up to date. Heres a list of links to the Lures I recommend. source

BEST Winter Cold Front BASS FISHING Lures & Baits

Mike Iaconelli is fishing in the winter for Bass University. To make it worse, there’s a cold front and high pressure. How does Ike approach a day of fishing when faced with these weather conditions? What are the best baits and lures that Iaconelli uses to fish all the depth zones when fishing for bass […]

Green Pumpkin VS Black and Blue (Bass Fishing)

Can’t decide between Green Pumpkin or Black and Blue? Hopefully this will help! Black/Blue Prespawn: … source

Catching Deep Schooling Bass – Offshore Fishing Tips

Some of my best offshore fishing lures and how to catch more fish fast! Crankbait: Rapala DT16 … source

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