In this bass fishing video we go pond fishing at a infested pond that is loaded with huge bass! When locating new pond fishing areas you never know what you’ll run up on. This was one of those pond fishing moments that left me speechless. Let me know if you like these pond fishing / […]

Karl's Bait and Tackle Unboxing

Don’t forget about the upcoming Karl’s Bait and Tackle Pre-Sale for Karl’s Club members! It starts today at noon and gives 4 days of exclusive access to … source

Finding Boulders To Catch Smallmouth Bass

We all know that structure in the water is a hot spot for fish activity. Locating that structure is the first challenge, but before casting, position yourself in the best … source

The BEST topwater fishing lure that you DONT throw

How to fish a Prop Bait for Largemouth Bass. Extremely effective for early year bass that are moving into shallow water to spawn. Rapala Prop Bait is one of my secret weapons earlier in the year for giant bass and I bet it can be yours too! How to fish a prop bait. How to […]

How to Ice Fish Largemouth Bass with Rattle Baits

FEATURED TACKLE: -Rapala Ultra Light Rippin Rap, size #3: -13 Fishing Widow Maker Ice Rod, 37″ Light: … source

How to catch more large-mouth bass this winter

I break down my top 3 baits used to catch fish in the winter and technequies on how to use them. It was a tough day fishing with no wind, after 4 days of hard rain, … source

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