Building PVC Structure for Bass Pond | MEGA Bass Factory | B Fishing |

Chris and I are back at it again. We are working on the Mega Bass Factory and today we are building PVC structure to sink and create a good habitat for the fish. We liked the idea of these PVC structures because it will reduce the likelihood snags while giving the fish a good place […]

How to Catch Bass on a Fly (Southern Ontario)

Norm Bolen from The New Fly Fisher discusses bass on a fly. Both smallmouth and largemouth are targeted in the Bay of Quine area of southern Ontario. source

ZOMBIE BAITS – Freeze Dried Worms and Kill Shot Spray – #bassfishing #fishing

I just happened to be their 700th twitter follower, so they sent me this box. It definitely works. … source

NONSTOP Winter Smallmouth Fishing

It was a “warm” February day, so I decided to break out the fishing rods for a little mid-winter Smallmouth action! SUBSCRIBE for more awesome bass fishing … source

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