Catching TROPHY Bass While Bank Fishing

In this bass fishing video we go bank fishing for trophy bass at a new pond! Bank fishing for trophy bass is always a blast especially if you know they’re in the pond. Do you go bank fishing? What’s the biggest bass you’ve caught while bass fishing? Have you gone trophy bass fishing? Have you […]

My Grandpa's Old Tackle Bag

In this video I go through my grandpa’s old tackle bag. It was cool to see some of the old lures he had, and I will definitely be fishing with some of these lures in … source

2 Casting Methods to Become a Better Shallow Bass Angler

One of the fastest ways to become a better shallow water bass fisherman is through mastery of casting mechanics. Jacob Wheeler gave Wired2Fish an excellent … source

Shore Fishing – Sea Bass Fishing with Sea Trout Lures

Sea Bass Fishing with Sea Trout Lures. There are some great lures on the market designed for Sea Trout fishing in Scandinavia that work really well for our Bass … source

BEST Lures to Catch Bass in the Winter – Bass Fishing Tips

How is it going Flair Fishing Fam?! So today I decided to bring back an old AFO tradition and put out a tips video. I have stepped away from these how-to videos … source

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