This POND is LOADED w/ HUGE Bass (Bed Fishing)

In this bass fishing video we get the cops called on us while catching huge bass while bed fishing! Bed fishing season is here and the huge bass are chomping. It can be tricky to bed fish at times but we got the huge bass today. When we got the cops call on us for […]

Bass Fishing – Finesse Fishing – How to Fish High Pressure Lakes

Bass fishing when on high pressured lakes or the conditions aren’t ideal can be difficult. Finesse techniques can be the only way to get a bite. Here’s how to Fish … source


Stage 3 of the Major League Fishing Bass Pro Tour takes us to Raleigh, NC. This week the event is split between three different lakes including Jordan Lake, … source

Catching GIANT Bass in SMALL Ponds (Bank Fishing)

In this bass fishing video we go bank fishing for giant bass while fishing small ponds! This is fishing for giants episode 2! I just love bank fishing for giant bass in small ponds! Do you go bank fishing? What is the biggest bass you’ve caught while bank fishing? Have you ever fished any small […]

Shane's Baits Interview at the Raleigh Bass Saltwater Fishing Expo

Cackayak interviews North Carolina fishing lure manufacture Shane’s Baits at the 2017 Raleigh Bass Saltwater Fishing Expo. Owner and FLW Pro Shane … source

Catching GIANT Bass While Bank Fishing (LOADED)

In this bass fishing video we went fishing for giant bass while bank fishing! This is bank fishing for giants season 2! This is my favorite bank fishing series on the … source

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