Largemouth vs Peacock bass!

Today on animal encounters, I reel in an iconic native predatory fish, and see how it compares to its introduced rival rated:4.39 viewed:1337 source

Largemouth Bass Fishing, Sand Hollow Reservoir, Utah- Early April

We have a cool sunny day literally between storms at the beginning of April so its on the water looking for Largemouth Bass. Busy on the water this day, … source

LIVE BAIT attached to a GoPro! Smallmouth Bass STRIKE!

Fishing with a GoPro! Location: Fish Trap Lake Spillway Pike County, Kentucky GoPro Hero 5 Black Original “GoPro in a Dam Spillway”: … source

Spring Bank Fishing for Largemouth Bass – Pond Fishing

It’s early spring and Bank fishing on small ponds for bass can be a blast. This was one of the most amazing little ponds that I’ve ever fished so I grabbed one rod and one reel and a few baits and went to work. For more information on the Button on my hat go to […]

Summer Bass Fishing – Bass Baits in ACTION

When fishing for Summer Bass I like the excitement that top water baits bring. Here are 4 simple bass baits shown in action. More on Fishing see our web site; … source

How to Catch Bass in Rivers – Current Fishing Secrets

The Tennessee River is where FLW bass tournament fishing pro Wesley Strader grew up, and he’s got a lifetime of experience fishing for bass in the current of … source

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